snow space

Minicard in snow space Flachau

The optimum ski ticket for all the little racer 
up to 5 years (born 2011 and later)

Family holidays with ski lessons in snow space Flachau


1 Day € 5,00
1,5 Day
€ 7,50
2 Days € 10,00
2,5 Days € 12,50
3 Days € 15,00
4 Days € 20,00
5 - 18 Days € 25,00
Season pass € 49,00


  • All prices in euros - Subject to price changes - Modifications and errors excepted!

It should be noted that for the purpose of access control, a reference photo of the cardholder is made upon initial passage through a turnstile equipped with a camera. This reference photo is compared by the lift personnel with those photos, which become made with a camera for each subsequent passage through a turnstile equipped.

The reference photo will be deleted immediately after the expiry of the validity of the lift pass, the other photos within 30 minutes after each passage through a turnstile.

It should be noted that the possibility also exists to purchase lift tickets, which are configured so technically, that when passing through the turnstile, no photo is made, in this case, however, must be expected with spot checks by the lift staff.

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