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100% guaranteed snow in Snow Space Salzburg

Snow Space Salzburg ensures absolute guaranteed snow on the slopes!
State-of-the-art equipment produces this "white gold" for ultimate skiing pleasure.

Dream slopes in Snow Space Salzburg

280 snow guns = 100% guaranteed snow

Snowmaking in the night at Snow Space SalzburgWe guarantee top conditions for a perfect skiing day

If ever there is not enough snow, Snow Space Salzburg is well prepared. It’s a fact of life that we can’t always count on natural snow. At Bergbahnen Flachau, we take care of this with one of the most state-of-the-art snowmaking systems in the world.

280 snow guns artificially cover 100% of the piste area in snow. When the temperare and humidity are spot on, we can theoretically create basic snow cover in approx. 72 hours, with the necessary water coming from five snowmaking reservoirs with a total capacity of 180,000 m3.

The only "snow ingredients" needed are water and air, making this man-made "white" pure and of high quality. Above a temperature of -4° Celsius and a humidity of 80% snow-making is possible. A 20-cm-deep artificial snow layer equals the consistency of approx. 50 cm of natural snow.

How does a propeller snow cannon?

In snow guns, the water is transported at high pressure through fine nozzles. This produces fine water droplets which are then sprayed into the cold air. In dry air, the water droplets evaporate partially, whereby the droplets cool until they reach the freezing point and become snow crystals. Through the generated compressed air, the snow is then distributed on the slopes. A propeller snow cannon has a throw distance of up to 70 meters and swivel 360° . It can already start in "marginal temperatures" and requires less water pressure (about 8-50 bar).


Ecological motivation...

As well as making economical sense, artifical snowmaking also has a special ecological purpose. The man-made snow, which is then compacted through grooming, protects underlying flora from possible mechanical damage caused by skis and boards eroding and removing the snow cover.

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