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Ski hire in Snow Space Salzburg

Turn to numerous sports shops in the village of Flachau for trustworthy service when it comes to ski hire, ski service and individual advice.

Ski hire in Snow Space Salzburg

Hire skis and boards locally and conveniently

Fashionable winter clothing for your ski holidays in Salzburger Land
This way you’ll always be skiing with the latest models, cuts and designs, which have been excellently prepared and offer you complete flexibility in your choice. Flachau ski hire will make your winter trip easy! Travel without a lot of luggage and still ski on top models from the current season! To make life easier for our guests, you need no longer take your skis every day to the lift - every base station in Snow Space Salzburg has a ski depot for overnight storage of ski equipment.

Ski hire and ski service in Snow Space Salzburg

Fun & Pro
Rupert Pichler
Tel.: +43 6457 33913 or
       +43 6457 2161
Fischi's Qualitätsskiverleih
Christoph Fischbacher
Tel.: +43 664 2030897
Flachauer Skistadl
Markus Pöttler
Tel.: +43 6457 2816
Intersport Arena Flachau
Interport Arena GmbH
Tel.: +43 6457 32411
Sport am Jet
Schwarzenbacher GmbH
Tel.: +43 6457 2090
Sport Rent Fischbacher
Sport Rent OG
Tel.: +43 6457 2968
Sport Perner und Testcenter 2000 Perner
Simon Perner
Tel.: +43 6457 2235 or
        +43 664 2135568
Sport im Ort
Sport im Ort Handels GesmbH + Co.KG
Tel.: +43 6457 31910 or
       +43 6457 31940 or
       +43 664 5230659
Sport Stangl
Alois Stangl
Tel.: +43 6457 32434 or
        +43 664 3627992
Sportstadl Kastner
J. u. M. Kastner
Tel.: +43 6457 3054
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