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The "spaciest" ski area in Austria

snow space Flachau - Austria's "spaciest" ski area in the centre of Ski amadé - goes to the moon and back to give its guests some very special ski attractions:
Most modern cable cars and excellent comfort
Fun in the snow
Magnificent panorama
snow space Flachau gleams with innovative lift technology and the most up-to-date lift equipment, with a total of 150 hectares of pistes with wide, excellently groomed slopes, a variety of runs for all levels of abilitys and an absolute guarantee of snow with the latest snowmaking technology. Three base stations in the valley provide a choice of individual starting points, the runs down into the valley promise skiing pleasure all the way into the village.

From the World Cup run and the timed run to the family runs and practice slope, snow space Flachau has everything you could want. Leisurely skiers as well as sporty skiers, families as well as groups, best agers as well as ski novices can each find the slope that best suits them in snow space Flachau. It's your place in snow space Flachau! 

Cosy ski huts, mountain restaurants and beautiful sun terraces let you round off a day's skiing whichever way you like, from a cosy, traditional atmosphere to the pulsing après-ski high life. It's no wonder that snow space Flachau has already won numerous international ski area accolades and that Flachau has been a fixed star in the World Cup skiing firmament for many years. The home planet of Hermann Maier is a popular training centre for the Austrian Ski Federation ski racers as well as for international World Cup ski racers.

100 % guaranteed snow

Extensive range of slopesSnow gun
snow space Flachau ensures absolute guaranteed snow on the slopes. If ever there is not enough snow, snow space Flachau is already prepared with a state-of-the-art snowmaking system. With 280 snow machines and five snowmaking reservoirs containing 180.000 m³ of water, 100 % of the piste area can be artificially covered in snow - and it only takes 10 hours at the most!

To do this, we just need a wet-bulb temperature of -5° Celsius, which ist the equivalent of a temperature of -4° Celsius and 80 % humidity. All the components necessary for the snowmaking system are networked together in a main control centre. The main control centre is connected to the pump stations and sliding ducts by a fully fibre-optic cable network, and a radio network ensures seamless communication between the main control centre and the individual snow guns. snow space Flachau – also light years ahead in making snow!
World Cup quality slopes in the Salzburg ski area
Fun in snow space Flachau
It was here in Flachau that ski legend Hermann Maier and snowboard-queens Claudia and Manuela Riegler learned how to be world champions. Flachau is the home of champions and the centre of the ski and snowboard universe. For a long time now, snow space Flachau has been a prominent and popular training location for many national ski teams and in recent years has expanded into an international meeting place for global stars from sports, politics and the cultural arena. Following in the tracks of champions!
International ski area award
Time after time snow space Flachau receives awards, for example the title winner Bergbahnen Flachau "Best ski area of the Alps" in the "International Skiareatest 2016/17".
Free ski shuttle to Flachau
The free shuttle service from the city of Salzburg to Flachau offers all ski and snowboard enthusiasts, as well as guests and locals optimum service and maximum comfort.
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