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Audi FIS Ski World Cup Ladies Night Slalom

For more than 20 years, the Flachau event has been a regular fixture on the Ski World Cup calendar. 
We look forward to the next Ski World Cup Ladies Night Slalom in Flachau on 9 January 2018 and the next Star Challenge on 8 January 2018!

Audi FIS Ski World Cup Ladies Night Slalom 9 January 2018
Nightrace Snow Space SalzburgSkiareatest - best event

An impressive number of spectators, great atmosphere and an entertaining program will also accompany the ski highlight of the winter season on 9 January 2018 again and will make it a memorable experience for ski stars and audience. The winner will be traditionally named the "snow space princess" who will receive this title in addition also the most highly endowed priz that can be won in the women's Ski World Cup circus. 

Start 1st run Ladies Night Slalom 6:00 pm
Start 2nd run Ladies Night Slalom 8:45 pm

On the eve of the World Cup event will be held again the Star Challenge "Sport & Society meets ski talent", a charity event in favor of talented young skiers from Salzburg.

Programme - Audi FIS Ski World Cup Ladies Night Slalom
MONDAY, 08 JANUARY 2018PROGRAMME (admission free)
from 5:00 pm Ski Austria World Cup party on the open air stage
5:45 - 6:30 pm Presentation of all competitors - STAR CHALLENGE 2018 "Sport & society meets ski talent" on the open air stage
6:30 - 7:15 pm Live act on the Krone open air stage
from 7:00 pm "Ski stars up close" - autograph session with the ski ladies in the open air area in the village center
7:30 - 8:00 pm Draw of the start numbers on the open air stage
from 8:30 pm Team competition- STAR CHALLENGE 2018 "Sport & society meets ski talent" on the Hermann Maier World Cup Run
from 3:30 pm Ski Austria World Cup warm-up on the open air stage
4:30 - 5:00 pm Fan club contest and parade from the village center to the finish area
6:00 pm Start of the 1st run in the Ladies Night Slalom
7.00 - 8:00 pm Side Event in the open air area
8:45 pm Start of the 2nd run in the Ladies Night Slalom
followed by Awards ceremony in the finish area and the awarding of the "snow space princess" title
Review - Audi FIS Ski World Cup Ladies Night Slalom Flachau - 10 January 2017
Ski World Cup Ladies Night Slalom in Snow Space SalzburgSki World Cup Ladies Night Slalom Flachau

A winter evening straight out of a picture book - deep snow-covered trees, clear winter air and fantastic conditions on the Hermann Maier World Cup Run - it was a real floodlight spectacle with an ingenious atmosphere - 12,500 enthusiastic spectators were on site and provided a fabulous mood.

It does not get much better! Due to the snowfall of the past few days, the preparations for the ski command were very, very intensive - but they have paid off.

On the Hermann Maier World Cup Run, which is especially equipped with a top floodlight system, the female ski elite again comped in the Flachau snowspace Ladies Skinight. The high level of service and piste quality also made the race a highlight for the teams in Flachau and lead to the high popularity of the racing destination.

In the first run, Frida Hansdotter (SWE) presented a dream run. In so doing, she brought out a comfortable lead of almost a second to Wendy Holdener ((SUI). Mikaela Shiffrin (USA), who finished fifth in the first round with a gap of 1.38 seconds, had the best run in the 2nd round and was able to secure third place together with Wendy Holdener, who ended up exchanging positions with Nina Loeseth (NOR). The victory, title of the snowspace princess as well as the highest prize money to be won in the Ladies World Cup - in total, a gross grand total of 174,000 Euro was distributed - this amount was divided into ranks one to 30 - went to Frida Hansdotter in a sovereign manner. This is the second time that she has entered the gallery of the snowspace princesses.

The Audi FIS Damen Nachtslalom Flachau proved itself again as a high-caliber sporting event with a high entertainment factor. For example, the fan clubs had a lot of fun with the traditional fan club contest before the race. Between the first and the second run, a concert of "voXXclub" was on the program as well as a breathtaking showcase of the "Masters of Dirt".

Review - Star challenge "Sport & society meets ski talent" - 09 January 2017
Stars on stage in Flachau

The annual charity race in favor of young talented skiers took place for the fifth time already and launched an exciting world cup race in Flachau. 16 sports and society celebrities presented themselves for the good cause and presented their skiing skills. In this team competition, a well-known face with a young runner appeared. It was a giant slalom in a run on the ready-to-run Hermann Maier World Cup Run. First of all, the skitalent went into the race and put forward a time in full racing speed. The celebrity had to -before he/she then started themselves-estimate, with which lead or residue he/she on the team colleagues in the target will come. The team, which had the least time interval at the end of the game, took the win.


The team Michael Walchhofer and Felix Sagmeister did the best. They won against team Nicole Hosp and Kathrin Stock. Andreas Goldberger and his team colleague Noah Geihseder were third.

Team results


The net profit was handed over to the SLSV-President Bartl Gensblichler for the youth promotion.


However, the Star Challenge was by no means the only entertaining part of the evening, because there was also a lot of crowds at the autograph hour "Skistars close up" and the draw of the start numbers in the town center.


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